The bobber - LESSON 1
by Joe Smith


The bobber can be any type of device that will bob up and down or cross ways. An old fly rod tip makes a good one, an antenna that the kids broke off the TV, any thing that is a little heavier at one end . Cut a long willow branch 30" long. Put a piece of stiff wire with a nut on one end.

Now that we took care of that lets get the feel of the "tool". Hold it in front of you at a downward slant, slightly. Make it go up and down just to get the fell of the springiness of the tool. Hold it at the small end

Are you ready? OK. Now ask the bobber to give you a Yes answer, it should bob up and down. Work with it until you get the correct movement to the bobber. When you are satisfied with that, go to the No answer which should be back and forth, like you are shaking your head. Are you an expert yet? No but your are on your way.

A search motion can be either up and down  or sideways, depending what you are searching for. If you want to find an object or a person, use the sideways  motion. Standing in one spot , rotate slowly around and ask where is my car or some other question like that. This is called scanning, The bob will go sideways till you encounter the correct direction and then it will go up and down like a yes answer. Try this and get to the point it is going up and down.  Then turn just a little to one side or the other and the bob will slant it's swing toward the target line. When you get back in line it will straighten out and go back straight up and down.

At dowsing school we pitch a quarter out on the floor on the other side of the table. Asking direction (scanning) it will point you right to it. But ask it to take you to it and it will take you around the table. When reaching the target the bob will turn in a clockwise motion. Later on we will talk of other moves this tool can do for you. This will get you started , next lesson we will go out doors and dowse for some water veins. Hope you all understand this if not just write me and I try to explain it more. End of first lesson, print it out for future reference. Joe

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